I Have Reservations 8k600k

600km/26439ft ACP Brevet

Start time Saturday May 4, 2024 5:00 am
Time limit 40 hours
Ride ends Sunday May 5, 2024 9:00 pm
Start location Days Inn, 133 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas
Nearest parking Public parking is available at the Encinitas Transit Center parking lot 0.5 mile to the west of the Days Inn.
Map rwgps
Cue sheet PDF cue sheet, XLS cue sheet
Organizers Nicholas McCurry , Wei Sun
Registration infoOnline registration closed on Tuesday April 30, 2024 12:00 pm.
Register Brevet has already taken place.
Registered riders There are 20 registered riders.
Kevin Bilbee
Alex Brey
Matthew Cazalas
Gary Egorov
Marco Ensing
Brian Feinberg
Andrew Gavenda
Brook Henderson
Aaron Holdaway
Zachary Jones
Chris Litvin
Charlie Martin
Dave Milsom
Pierre Moreels
Jay Nadeau
Jacek Nowakowski
Randy Olson
Taylor Turner
George Vargas
Matt Vining
Registered workers Nicholas McCurry
Wei Sun
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If Julius Caesar were writing his commentary on randonneuring in San Diego County, he would write: “San Diego est omnis divisa in partes tres.” All San Diego is divided into 3 parts: Coast, Mountain and Desert. This 600k will traverse through all 3 regions of the county. From Encinitas on the coast, you’ll climb your way to the Laguna Mountain and descend down to the desert of Borrego Springs. Returning to the foot of Palomar Mountain and then to Lake Elsinore, you’ll coast down from Oceanside to Encinitas with the Pacific to your right and likely tailwind for the finish. Each region offers its own unique flora, fauna, geological features and landscape; each with its breath-taking views.

The climbing during this 600k is about 16,000 ft over 205 miles on the first day and 10,000 ft over 168 miles. By the time you reach the Borrego Springs overnight control set up at the Stanlunds, you’ll have taken care of Viejas Grade and Kitchen Creek. The big climb will be at the start on the second day clawing your back to Ranchita on Montezuma Grade. As a consolation, per RWGPS this route is 600.6 km with 8,049 meters. You will be responsible for any bonus miles and elevation gains should you ride off course.

Here are some bullet points about I Have Reservations 600k

  • Drop bag at the overnight control will be supported: you’ll check in your drop bag at the start; you’ll pick up your bag at the overnight control; you’ll retrieve your drop back when you finish. 1 bag per randonneur.
  • It is being approved as a 8k600k for those checking off their ACP 10000 award requirements.
  • The start location is now at the Days Inn in Encinitas near the Encinitas train station/transit center. Though Uber/Lyft is recommended if you are flying in, there is public transportation available to reach the start hotel from San Diego International Airport.
  • During your stay, you can take the Coaster to Oceanside up north and as far south as Downtown to take the trolley at the Old Town station to reach various parts of San Diego. By bike you can visit various north San Diego beach communities. Micro breweries and restaurants are abound between Solana Beach and Carlsbad. A short walk to Coast Blvd dining options are endless.
  • Across the street from the Days Inn is a shopping center with a health food grocery store (code phrase for expensive) and restaurants. 
  • We will confirm if the Days Inn will allow non-guest parking in their lot for a fee. The Encinitas transit center which is a block away has public parking available.
  • For more economical lodging options, here are the following:
  • Weather will vary from region to region, with the May Grey overcast when you leave the start by the coast, clear skies but cooler conditions when in the mountains. Though the desert will be warm, your likely evening arrival will result in more comfortable conditions through Borrego Springs. Rain, though statistically likely, should not be a major concern for this brevet by early May.
  • The overnight control is at the Stanlunds in Borrego Springs. Food will be served.
  • We have pre-booked 7 rooms at the Stanlunds to make 14 sleeping “spaces” available for an additional cost. Below is the cost schedule:
    • Separate bed in double rooms – 8 spaces – $94 per space
    • Shared bed (2 per King size bed) – 6 spaces – $73 per space
    • You will need to register for this brevet in order to reserve a space. Will be based on first come first serve basis.
    • Here is the link to the Google sheet tracking bed assignment/availability.
  • You are welcome to make reservations on your own as there are other lodging available. You will need to retrieve and return your drop bag at the Stanlunds.

No doubt you will have reservations when deciding to take on this brevet. After you review the route, you will realize that this route does have many federally recognized “Indian” reservations for the 2 major groups of indigenous people, the Kumeyaay and Pay√≥mkawichum, who once thrived in this region before Junipero Serra’s arrival. History today has reservations about him.

This brevet is devised for experienced randonneurs looking for that added challenge to spice up their cycling life. Take stock of your training and fitness level before considering this brevet. Upon your successful completion of this arduous endeavor, you, like Caesar, will declare:


Please read our accepted proof of passage.