RUSA Dart Populaire 2024

120km RUSA Dart Populaire

Start time Saturday October 19, 2024 7:00 am
Time limit 8 hours 0 minutes
Ride ends Saturday October 19, 2024 3:00 pm
Start location This is the END location: 1545 Sorrento Valley Rd #305, San Diego; see description for rules on selecting your start location.
Nearest parking It depends on where your team starts the dart populaire. There is plenty of parking in New English Brewing's business park.
Map map
Cue sheet PDF cue sheet, XLS cue sheet
Organizers Nicholas McCurry
Registration infoRUSA memberhip is required to ride this brevet.
Ride fee is $5.
Online registration is open until Thursday October 17, 2024 12:00 pm.
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ResultsBrevet has not taken place yet.

The final piece of the RUSA Rouleur Award puzzle! The ride will be on a course of your choosing, and the finish location will be at New English Brewing in Sorrento Valley.

The dart populaire, unlike the usual allure libre populaires and brevets, is a team event with a fixed time limit of 8 hours to cover a route of your own design that must at least be 120 km with a goal of all teams finishing at the same time (3pm).

Anyone is welcome to create a team and a route, so notify Nick ( to add your team to this list or find a team looking for riders.

Current team leads are
– Nick McCurry
– Wei Sun

Below is the “summary” of how a dart populaire works.

  • Each team is formed with a maximum of 5 riders and must finish with at least 3 riders. A “rider” is defined as a front wheel, so a tandem is counted as 1 participant on the team.
  • Your team must come up with a team name (kinda like OTL but with much more decorum).
  • The event time limit is 8 hours.
  • Each team will designate a captain who will interface with the organizer for route approval.
  • Your team will design your own route which needs to be at a minimum 120km in distance. You may start from any location but must end at New English Brewing. For a dart populaire, your team may design a route that starts and finishes at New English Brewing.
  • Your approved route may be longer than 120kms and may be on any types of roads traversable by bicycles (paved, gravel, dirt, single track). However, no gravel time allowance will be given, and the ride will only count as 120km for homologation.
  • Regardless of your start location, your team must begin at the event start time, which is 7:00.
  • Your team has 8 hours to finish, even if your approved route is more than 120 kms (pedal faster) or on unpaved roads and trails (pedal harder).
  • Your team may NOT finish in less than 8 hours.
  • Your team’s route must require you to ride at least 25 km within the last two hours of the event. The purpose of this stipulation is to prevent you from hammering all out to reach a place just a block from the finish and wait 2 hours before completing the ride.
  • For official rules on dart populaires, please click on the link (RUSA dart populaire rule) to review.
  • Submit your EPP activity link to Nick at the end of the ride.
  • The goal is for ALL teams to finish at the same time to celebrate and share stories over food and beverages.